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Beijing International Darts League

Beijing International Darts League

Rules and Regulations of BIDL

Rules and Regulations of Beijing International Darts League

League Organization and Administration 联赛的组织与管理

The Beijing International Darts League (BIDL) is a non-profit organization which promotes and organizes amateur, recreational darts competitions in Beijing. Competition is league play between teams of 6 or more male and female players. The league is divided into 2 or more divisions based on team strength and leagues typically last approximately 20 weeks. The purpose of this organization is to promote fun, social darts action with the participation of Chinese and non-Chinese players who reside in Beijing. The league shall be administered by a Committee. The committee shall be selected by team captains or representatives from each participating team. Due to the international nature of BIDL, the Committee shall consist of at least 1 Chinese-speaking and 1 English speaking representative. The Committee shall designate a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson. The Committee may consist of more than 2 members and it shall appoint or recruit volunteers to serve as League Administrator, League Treasurer and other positions as may be required to run the league. The Committee shall be responsible for scheduling leagues, maintaining individual and team scores, arranging league trophies and awards banquets, establishing league rules and playing standards, promoting league membership, setting league fees and other actions as may be required to promote fun, but fair league play.


联盟由委员会来管理,委员会应由各队队长或代表来选举。根据国际飞镖联盟成员的国际性,委员会至少要有一个中国人和一个外国人成员, 被任命成为主席和副主席。还需要2个以上的被选举或自愿有志为飞镖联盟服务的代表构成。还需要有财务和其他的职务来更好的运营联盟。

委员会负责安排比赛时间计划表,记录各场比赛的分数和个人成绩,以及安排赛季结束的颁奖晚会。建立比赛规则和标准,及时了解会员的更新, 会费的缴纳,以便于对平等的比赛的监督。

Team Rosters and Player Requirements 各队的队员名单和队员的规则

Each team shall consist of a minimum of six players, and ideally no more than twelve. If either or both teams have less than six players, the match can go ahead with agreement of both captains. If a team plays the match with five players they forfeit one singles game and one doubles game. If a team has four players they forfeit the 1001 team game, two singles games and one doubles game. Any team which plays three matches with five or fewer players will be given a warning by the committee. Following such a warning if the team fields an under-strength squad for a match, they will not receive any League Points for matches played with less than six players.